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Putt-to-Fit is a mini-golf challenge that uses the plywood tailoring operations developed by Ray and Charles Eames for their iconic leg splint and furniture, applying them on the scale of landscape to tailor a strip of lawn: cutting out darts and stitching it together to create an amplified playing surface that does not rely on obstacles in the landscape to enhance game play, but instead uses the landscape itself. The voids and openings left by the tailoring operations become “sand traps”, exposing an arid and drought tolerant surface below: a landscape more in keeping with the native Southern California ecology than the golf courses and lawns that have been imposed on it. Putt-to-Fit can be seen as altering a landscape that no longer fits, like one might alter a garment, turning a traditional water thirsty putting green into a challenging mini-golf hole surrounded by native landscaping.

Project Team: Garth Britzman, Evan Brown, Justin Rice, Kagan Taylor, Jake Van Vranken, Brandon Youndt

Featured in: LA Weekly, Dezeen, The Architect’s Newspaper, DelaBuzz