Justin and Kagan

About Us

Knowhow Shop, a Design/Build studio located in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Highland Park, was founded in 2010 by Kagan Taylor and Justin Rice as an extension of their shared interests in traditional craft, digital fabrication, and a commitment to contemporary architectural design. Starting initially with small projects and unusual requests Knowhow Shop built a reputation as a laboratory for material exploration, a conservatory of both digital and traditional craft, and a community space for strange and imaginative happenings. In their own architectural work, Justin and Kagan approach every project with a craftsperson’s sensitivity, genuine good humor, and an obsessive pursuit of meaningful design.


  • Jake VanVranken

    It has been said that no good work is done alone, but it might be more appropriately stated that without Jake very little work would get done at all. Jake joined us in 2012 and we've been fortunate to be part of his growth as a craftsperson and designer. His interest in woodworking and music has taken him in the direction of lutherie and when he is not working on Knowhow projects he can be found building acoustic guitars. Email: jake@knowhowshopla.com


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